PSB Speakers Image T45 Floor standing speakers

Image series of the Canadian brand PSB contains several classic speaker systems and wide set of theatrical components. T45 is the smallest of floor speaker systems. The model is equipped with high-tech drivers, which are placed into hard acoustic loading (block design). An inch dome of ferro-cooled tweeter is made of aluminum, and membranes of both LF/MF drivers are cast from polypropylene, the surface of which is metallized by the layer of aluminum. All speakers are shielded by steel caps. The faceplate with anti-diffraction profile is made of viscous plastic and reinforced by stiffeners; other walls are from MDF as well as a powerful horizontal strut under the bottom bass-reflex port. Both ports operate a single volume. The crossover is mounted on the terminals' panel (bi-wiring): MF/LF- and HF-parts of simple filter (second ordered) are on different boards. Plastic supports with the height of 25mm have spikes and answer for vibro-isolation.

Sound. At the playing of classic orchestral and rock music you immediately feel calm confidence, with which T45 operate considerable masses of energy, agglomerated in the middle area of low-frequency register. Symphonic bass is the highest degree of fundamentality. A slight lack of mobility in it (as if slowness of deep notes, made by trumpets and double-bass) is more than acceptable price for such luxury. I guess, the list of disadvantages is exhausted at this. The atmosphere of upper and middle registers is transparent, in which the details of dynamical micro-relief are perfectly "seen". The timbres of "natural" instruments are richly and correctly transferred; there are no any "unhealthy" accents. Image T45 is very powerful system for any music and, surely, home cinema.

PSB Speakers Image T45 Floor standing speakers photo