Floor standing speakers Jamo C457

Concert Series Danish giant acoustic Jamo very extensive. In it, in compliance with a strict hierarchy, including dozens of different models, some of which are floor standing and bookshelf, center channel speakers, surround speakers and a powered subwoofer. In short, everything to create systems of all conceivable configurations. Despite this, the company's engineers recently developed another "live" range C4 absorbed technological innovations, successfully used in older models, namely C60 and C80 series.

This time we will listen floor systems Jamo C457, the newest line of heads. This is a very solid (as in design and technical data) three-way model, immediately commanded respect. Massive housing, two-layer front panel with elegant lacquered plate and four upscale branded drivers. Among them, three 165-mm head with paper cones and already familiar to us from older models inch tweeter made using a patented DTT (Decoupled Tweeter Technology). This know-how allows almost completely untie squeaker from the main body, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the quality of the transmission of high frequencies. Make Select bass reflex acoustic design systems with the rear port location. Quality terminals for cable connection and upscale fully natural wood veneer add positive emotions from the first acquaintance with the Jamo C457. And how is it going to sound?

To play music in the best traditions of the brand. It is extremely comfortable and collected, with a near perfect tonal balance by ear. Composition of any genre served freely and recognizable. Great degree of emotional intensity that creates comfort for prolonged listening. Very linear middle, wherein highly informative and tonal variety. And strong bass. For systems of this size it is deep enough and energetic, but drive fast things can sometimes be lacking. The example of other models Jamo we made sure that DTT technology is not a simple advertising ploy. And this time the work Tweeter deserves the most flattering epithets. For speakers in this price category such reproduction trebles can safely recognize exemplary. Generally, at the top of the C457 is very transparent and silky and does not even hint at any excessive rigidity or gag. Very rare property for modern speakers.

Dynamic characteristics of a good standard, but I must confess I was expecting a little more confident performances Jamo in this discipline. Although if you do not compare with the Danes more expensive competitors, everything is in perfect order.

Formed soundstage is just huge dimensions in width and quite distinguishable separation. Virtual sources are positioned almost surely at any volume level.

Jamo C457 Floor standing speakers photo