Jamo C803 Floor standing speakers

Having almost 10 kg (22 lb.) weight and massive sizes, Jamo C803 may boast of powerful 180-mm (7") woofer, which ensures the playback of deep basses. It is made by the branded Hard Conical Cone (HCC) technology - the combination of rigid diffuser with elastic suspension, made of rubber, allows to reduce bending distortions at high amplitudes. An inch tweeter with the lightest fabric dome, treated with a special compound, works together with it. Due to the DTT (Decoupled Tweeter Technology) connection layout, the tweeter is completely protected from body's vibrations and for better dispersion of radiation the dome is enclosed into the branded Waveguide. Another interesting advantage of the systems is the scheme of active impedance correction (AIC), which makes the work of amplifier easier.

Speaking about the width of frequency and dynamical range, Jamo C803 are quite comparable with some floor standing speaker systems. The sound is linear, with smashing for shelf speaker systems bass. These speaker systems do not differ by excessively sharp attack - the character of playing is rather calm, but without excessive slackness. The degree of naturalness of timbres is very high; the tweeter keeps up too. A silk dome doesn't show any aggression, but at the same time HF-spectrum is accurate and has all the necessary nuances. Jamo C803 shows stable wide sound stage with the images of the front plan, being slightly forward to the listener.

Jamo C803 Floor standing speakers photo