Floor standing speakers Yamaha NS-9900

Production of speakers, according to many, is not the main activity of the Japanese corporation. Meanwhile, the world-famous studio monitors NS-10M used by thousands of engineers around the world for decades.

Abbreviation NS in the model name stands for Natural Sound. Strictly speaking, all home phonics Yamaha has long based on the principle of its closest approach to the natural sound, so loud at first glance, the slogan is not without reason. Having a range of branded developments in the construction of high-end speakers, and in relatively low-end engineers try their best to use their accumulated potential. Looking at the design of NS-9900, imbued with a grudging respect to these systems - so they verified each item, one even seemingly unimportant element of design. Massive varnished body looks absolutely monolithic, its inertia is truly enormous - it is achieved by means of special measures to dampen its own resonances. Structurally model 3-way configuration. Respectively, of the four available drivers released a couple 16-cm woofers, 130-millimeter and mid-inch tweeter. Moreover, membranes made from the emitters of special aluminum alloy. Acoustic design - rear bass reflex. Horn also used framing medium-high-level, providing the necessary radiation directivity.

NS-9900 require a fairly long warm-up. During this period, the sound changes dramatically from rigid to a comfortable and fused. The whole process, in my estimation, should take at least 50 hours in power saving mode of operation. Applying a special test disc, can significantly accelerate columns giving an acceptable sound. The result will not disappoint you.

Forte Yamaha acoustics can be considered faithful reproduction of the attack and incredibly high responsiveness to the peaks of the music signal. Decent mid-range micro drivers, where there is complete peace and tranquility, but at any moment capable replaced hurricane of emotions.

The soundstage is built very unusual. Images as it focused on its edges, why in the middle of a depression is felt. It is treated steer small speaker to the listener, but, unfortunately, not to the end.

Great bass - he is resilient and has decent depth, and even the lowest of its components are choosy and recognizable. Lower middle perfectly controlled and bulges. Overall tonal balance is close to optimal, although the nature of the tweeter sometimes seem rude. He sometimes conceals the fine detail and gives "sand". However, it should be recognized that the trebles are transmitted clearly.

Yamaha NS-9900 Floor standing speakers photo