Yamaha NS-F700 Floor standing speakers

A 16-cm woofer and 13-cm midbass with the branded A-PMD diffusers are used in NS-F700 speaker system. This composite material of white color, consisting of polymer with the addition of mica, has high rigidity at a mass, which is considerably lesser than widely used polypropylene. Ground mica effectively suppresses internal resonances, what is very important for getting clear, not colored middle.

The tweeter's construction is patented under the title of DC-Diaphragm. Its peculiarity is that a 28-mm aluminum dome and the frame of voice coil are integrated, thanks to which macrodynamics increases and provides better heat dissipation. High body of NS-F700 slightly tapers upward; the top edge is rounded and has a slope to the back wall. The lack of parallel planes prevents the formation of internal standing waves, although it significantly complicates the construction. The bass-reflex port is put at the back. Elegant eight shaped grills are mounted on the magnetic clips. The model is available in brown veneer and piano lacquer.

Listening. The first thing that attracts your attention is the formation of sound stage. It is perfectly organized and goes beyond the front line at almost two meters, and virtual sources are clearly localized in space. The background is drawn in details, without slightest formalities. There is much air, the record atmosphere is transferred naturally and consists of many smallest nuances and fills the whole stage. Rustles of cloths and the performer's breath are heard in the recordings of piano; natural reverberations of hall make the picture truly three-dimensional. However, the lower case is a bit weakened and, on the contrary, at high frequencies there is a significant rise, due to which tonal balance seems to be shifted up. But, the latter may appeal to fans of bright, juicy sound. Brass instruments literally sparkle, plates are airy, with very long tail of overhang. Wooden percussions perfectly differ by timbres and accurately localize in space. Drum kicks are sharp, with correct vibrations, but due to the lack of infra low component do not produce the desired impression.

There are no difficult genres for Yamaha NS-F700 - phonograms with even very rich spectrum are played clearly, without confusion.

Yamaha NS-F700 Floor standing speakers photo