Onkyo TX-SV454 AV-receiver

Among technical features of Onkyo TX-SV454 receiver we can note a learning remote control and Cinema Re-EQ function, which allows you to avoid emphasizing high frequencies while watching a movie in small halls of home theatre. Among Surround modes there are Dolby Pro Logic, Hall and Live. A six-channel input for the systems of AC-3 type is activated by a separate button, which looks different from keys of input selector. To our mind, "Pro Logic" parameters' setting through menu is not very handy, especially when it is necessary to adjust sound quickly during screening. On the other hand, this gives the possibility to decrease the number of controls on the front panel and remote control. Onkyo receiver has two additional network sockets and you can connect two pairs of frontal speaker systems to the amp, and also spring terminals are provided only for one pair (spring clips are for rear and central channels). The total number of audio inputs is 4 plus turntable's input with MM-head (Moving Magnet); there are two video inputs.

Pro Logic clearly conveys the uniformity of movements of virtual objects in all directions that indicates the high quality of decoding. Excessive brightness in tones is not felt. Perhaps, the sound of DPL can be characterized as soft and neat. With AC-3 system, where the speaker systems play full spectrum, this feeling didn't disappear, but detailing was significantly increased. The sound became smoother also at activation of Re-EQ function, in some way reminding timbre processing, which is used in very expensive THX-certified devices. The playback of stereo signals strengthened the positive impression of TX-SV454 receiver as a very talented artist. Easily coping with the most obstinate basses, it does not forget about vocal middle, it is quite correct in conveying timbre richness of live music. Probably, the only critical comment relates to diffusion of second plan of symphonic orchestra. Tuner in city conditions reminded the behavior of capricious young lady: for one station (we worked in FM) the better antenna's position is one, for other - another. Sometimes, at auto turning, it caught its own visible signals, where there were no stations. Therefore, in order to have good reception, you should work with external antenna.

Onkyo TX-SV454 AV-receiver photo