Floor standing speakers AAD C-880

Company AAD (American Acoustic Development) founded by the famous designer speakers Phil Jones. In his account of such legendary development studio monitors as AE-1 and a series of Lynnfield for Boston Acoustics. Jones received a classical music education, so that the live sound he knew firsthand.

Massive body (acoustic design - phase inverter) excellent muted design elements fit together without gaps, the lateral faces are covered with high-quality vinyl film, imitating wood veneer.

Arsenal dynamic heads here presented inch titanium dome tweeter, 125mm middle and a pair of 8-inch (!) woofers. It should be noted that membranes woofers and midrange made of composite fiber materials and coated with a special polymer to impart greater rigidity. Especially for this series of speakers has been developed and a new crossover phase with minimal deviations.

Benefits of a large internal volume felt immediately. Perhaps, it is the leaders of the test on the scale of sound. Any entry in the interpretation of the AAD C-880 just gets frightening grandeur, and developing sound pressure at all close to the disco.

Powerful sound of this couple different model detail and clarity feed the entire operating range. Bass is deep, fast and well articulated. Dynamics shattering. Correctly transmitted sounding drum kit, percussion and large orchestral drum (although it should be noted that in this case the system is still a bit lacking in dynamics in the low-frequency region). Critical volume levels slightly affect the sound handwriting AAD, only for powerful low frequency passages appear subtle overtones housing. Mid informative, vocal intonation components are transmitted correctly. Timbre and harmonic resolution also does not give grounds for criticism. For this class of systems wanting more simply indecent. The upper band perfectly marked, trebles are clean, but small plates are transferred with sand and tend to stand out from the crowd. On some Phonograms (especially recorded analog way), this leads to a noticeable underscoring noise loops and various high-frequency artifacts.

Soundscapes well materialize in space, but have a slightly enlarged scale. Bit upsets only the effect of "sticking" to squeaker sources HF spectrum, but in general the virtual representation of the space is quite typical for a given price level, and large claims against him not.

AAD C-880 Floor standing speakers photo