AAD Silver-5 Floor standing speakers

By bringing together all the latest achievements, AAD has created its top-of-the-line Silver Reference series. Outwardly, it resembles its predecessor: the S series. But the Silver Reference series has an exclusive finish: the side walls are decorated in wood and immaculately lacquered, the rest of the walls are covered with black piano lacquer. From the inside, the body is reinforced with several struts. The ribbon tweeter is a voice coil in the form of a flat aluminum spiral, mounted on the sides on a Kapton base and placed directly above a neodymium magnet. It plays up to 40 kHz. The driver is seated in a shallow horn and protected by a thin metal mesh. Two identical mid/bass drivers are equipped with woven silver-grey cones and soft dust caps. The bass reflex port is brought to the rear wall. The rotating podium is very convenient, allowing you to easily and quickly set the direction of the speakers. It is not only comfortable, but also perfectly combined with the speaker body.

Sound. Working with different musical material, the American couple produces a beautifully vibrating sound array. The Silver-5's tone is warmer (versus neutral) in tone, which is most likely due to the boost in the upper bass region. In the timbres of acoustic musical instruments - especially low-sounding ones (double bass, cello, etc.) - there is always a pleasant, cozy warmth. The model plays with a juicy, rich tone, dynamically. The musical scene, although not distinguished by its scale and great depth, is quite detailed. The middle is very correct, the top is airy and light. The beautiful velvet bass delivers slightly slowly, as if imposingly. In terms of structure, the register is slightly inferior to the middle and top. The Silver-5 expressively and always very comfortably plays any music.

AAD Silver-5 Floor standing speakers photo