Jean-Marie Reynaud Euterpe Floor standing speakers

Quite rare for modern speaker systems "Labyrinth" acoustic design is used in these floor standing Jean-Marie Reynaud Euterpe speaker systems. Bass section consists of 7-inch head with combined membrane made of cellulose mass, reinforced with carbon fiber. Due to the use of increased coil with efficient cooling, this driver has the expanded overloading capacity. A fabric tweeter, enclosed into a separate box, has a 28 mm dome and neodymium magnetic system. Bands are divided into 3200 Hz using second ordered filter, built from the selected elements. Its excellent phase characteristics allowed you to abandon bi-wiring, so there is only one pair of terminals to connect the wire.

Jean-Marie Reynaud Euterpe differs by noble, exciting sound with extremely rich timbres and confident dynamics. Bass case attracts by an enviable speed. Timbres of natural instruments are presented with exceptional realism, sometimes creating even the feeling of real live action. The upper case is well-turned but at the same time not too bright. It is full with necessary details, but there is still the lack of openness and so-called "air". Sound space has a definite depth and correct scale; positions of imaginary sources are not always ideally accurate, but extremely stable.

Jean-Marie Reynaud Euterpe Floor standing speakers photo