Floor standing speakers Acoustic Energy Aesprit 309

Flagship series Aesprit - a new generation of British acoustic Acoustic Energy - by virtue of his position was simply obliged to comprehensively meet the increased interest in the lineup. In a sense, encouraging strict no extra "frills" exterior columns - more capital invested directly in the production of sound. However, accurate finish with wood veneer texture shimmering in the light fully meets the demands of such a serious society. On systems series Aesprit installed new tweeter, working neodymium magnet, woofer and midrange drivers with membranes alloy and rigid dust caps. Do Aesprit 309 signal for the woofer above 175 Hz cut off smoothly first order filter, sharpness of the filter characteristics midrange/tweeter crossover - 18 dB per octave. The thickness of the front panel - 30 mm! A parasitic body vibration can be reduced by filling the loose ballast specially established for this purpose amount.

System inherited almost all the positive traits of well-established family firm representatives Aegis. The combination of spectral and dynamic completeness sound image with a good structural clarity available system bus leaves no chance for any significant comments on the Acoustic Energy Aesprit 309. The image is open and airy. Apparently, due to the peculiarities of tonal organization is very comfortable in the performance of the speakers sounds violin. And completely retained its special chamber sonorities. Sound "fearlessly" soars on the steepest slopes of the dynamic. AE309 subtly works with quiet parts. In the dense low-frequency flow is clearly discernible melody entire arsenal of low strings. However, at high volume for complex fragments symphonic classics bass can be masked small midrange detail. On aggressive rock bass sometimes want a little "more specific" - but the attitude to it here formed at the level of taste preferences. Convincingly space that is spacious, space, adequately detail.

With discreet appearance, Acoustic Energy Aesprit 309 creates a soundscape featuring outstanding timbral richness. Of course, the system is universal - competently plays. Speakers quite possible to put even in a relatively small room.

Acoustic Energy Aesprit 309 Floor standing speakers photo