Infinity Kappa Subwoofer Subwoofer

The designer's smoothed panels are veneered and the rear is leather-like. Under the fixed mask, the diffuser is made of ceramic-aluminum composite CMMD. Heavy Kappa Sub is equipped with all the standard features and in addition the tunable notch filter (20-80 Hz, up to 14 dB depth) of the Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System. With its help it is supposed to remove from the signal one (at choice) of the "problem" frequencies of the room, detecting it using a proprietary algorithm. Signals from the included test CD are fed to the subwoofer, and sound pressure levels in the listening position are recorded by a complete digital noise meter. The SPL values at each frequency are plotted, and then the Level and Width of the regression bandwidth of the selected peak in percent is determined using the supplied transparent tracing paper. The average coefficient of nonlinear distortion is 2.9%, in the upper bass is clear. The lower limit is 34 Hz.

The Kappa Sub, contrary to expectations, turned out to be very easy to set up. It immediately worked with the bookshelf satellites, and the built-in high pass filter was not required. The musical bass is well assembled, without any non-linear mud, well controlled - you can see the class at once. By tuning the notch filter to the problem frequency (80 Hz) of our viewing room, we slightly reduced the resonance activity. To go all out in the movies, we had to increase the LFE-signal level in the receiver settings. But there was a voluminous, with a good response low bass, radically enriched the movie viewing. Kappa Sub is an austere and powerful subwoofer for high-end AV systems. The provided notch filter is a good help in tuning. The sound meter can be attached to a tripod stand for convenience, for which it is threaded.

Infinity Kappa Subwoofer Subwoofer photo