JBL LX 3 Floor standing speakers

The JBL LX 3 is a three-way floor standing speaker system with a bass reflex output on the rear panel. Next to most of the other participants in the test, the speakers look downright tiny - 550x220x275 mm. The front panel is covered with a decorative grille, from under which the edging of the aqua-colored drivers intimately peeks out. Of course, everything else has a life-giving (usual!) black color. An unexpected design decision, which, by the way, many people like. The layout of the drivers is traditional: at the top is a dome tweeter (25 mm), below it is a cone mid-frequency driver (140 mm) and a woofer (175 mm). In fact, none of the listed properties in itself portends what we first heard and then saw on the frequency response graph. "Baby" is not only not inferior to slender brunettes in "high heels", but most of them "outdid" them. Starting from 70 Hz, the sensitivity only slightly fluctuates strictly around the ruler of its average value (the average unevenness of the characteristic does not exceed +/- 2 dB). A small peak at 20 kHz is more pleasing than disappointing. It gives individuality to the sound of the speakers: shades and reflexes of "blue" play in a special way (you begin to understand the meaning of the "marine" edging of the speakers). It could be noted, for the sake of fairness to rivals, that the bottoms of floor systems are better, but the beauty of everything else paralyzes the will, and you don't want to do this. The virtuoso articulation of subranges delights: according to the characteristic, it is almost impossible to read the regions of the boundary frequencies of the drivers. The developers of the system also managed to effectively solve the directivity problem - up to 6 kHz, the frequency response measured at an angle of 45° differs slightly from that measured on the axis, which results in a reliable stereo effect. System sensitivity - 87 dB. The characteristic of the input impedance module suggests that the cooperation of almost any Hi-Fi amplifier and speakers will be pleasant and fruitful, because with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, the minimum resistance is 4 ohms, and the maximum is reached already at 12 ohms. The bass reflex tuning frequency is 55 Hz.

JBL LX 3 Floor standing speakers photo