JBL Northridge E80 Floor standing speakers

JBL E80 speaker systems are literally the center of the branded technologies. These are three-way speaker systems, made in the opened-type body. 19-mm (3/4") tweeter with titanium coating, installed in frames of the branded EOS (Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal) horn is used here. This horn was initially developed for studio monitors JBL Pro LSR and now is used in other series too. It provides wide polar pattern of high frequencies. In MF and LF drivers there are branded two-layered heads. They consist of cellulose diffuser with special polymer coating. This technology is called PolyPlas. Bands are divided with a help of the branded separation filters by SSP scheme, providing minimal path of sound signal and, respectively, its minimal distortions. Another patented technology is used in the bass-reflex and called FreeFlow.

Sound. From the first minutes of listening to rock concert JBL E80 showed a chic bass, thus justified over and above their belonging to floor standing acoustic subdivision and confirmed the reputation of one of the world's leading LF-specialists. Tonus and quality of the register are very high: bass is deep, tonally certain; the speaker systems keep full control over the register at any amplitude levels (a feeling of excessiveness of LF material never arises). However, in comparison with some other speaker systems, the lower case of JBL is perceived a bit slowed, as if slightly blase; this quality is less typical for other cases of E80, so articulation details turn out to be a little softened and sound - a bit viscous. Timbre details are transferred slightly simplified that, however, is hard to notice. The model copes best with recording with big, large-scaled, surround sound: symphonic shows, live concerts of classical, popular and rock music with vocal. At the building of theatrical configuration with E80 in front it is important to choose a subwoofer: not every LF block is able to adequately fit JBL by the quality of bass.

JBL Northridge E80 Floor standing speakers photo