Floor standing speakers Cerwin-Vega! E312

Cerwin-Vega! E312 - American three-way bass reflex speaker. Drivers: Tweeter inch soft dome, midrange 130-mm head with reinforced paper cone and tapered 300mm conical woofer that the word "speaker" is called awkward. Proprietary driver for Cerwin-Vega ingrained glory unusually efficient converters that are able to digest with a very solid power. Impedance of the system is very well balanced, the average non-uniformity of its modulus +/- 1,9 Ohm. Paired with the E312 will look cheerfully and most modest amplifiers. Other parameters of the frequency response of the input resistance: average value of 7.5 ohm, nominal 4.4 ohms, maximum (60 Hz) 12.5 ohms. Crossover frequency of 500 Hz and 2.5 kHz. Bass reflex port which is located on the rear panel is set to the frequency of 35 Hz. As for the energy capacity of the system, the manufacturer is allowed to apply to the input of up to 300 watts. We must pay tribute to the foresight of developers, which allowed young people to pull disastrous musical forms and set the input columns fuse and tweeter separately defended the special chain, breaking it in critical situations. On the front panel of speakers - two on-off switch, enabling activities slightly adjust the tweeter and midrange head. Sensitivity Cerwin-Vega! E312 - almost 94 dB. Field uniformity is good. Exterior columns particularly bright experiences causes: utilitarian enough chipboard and vinyl finish, but the general "breast" orients associative flow in the right direction. Speaker Dimensions: 350x825x313 mm.

The sound system is perceived as balanced in the sense that there is no specific reason to talk about the deficit or surplus of low, mid or high frequencies. Something is preventing a conclusion about the absolute balance of sound, and most of all occasions to this we find the top, as is easily seen, more attentively listened to the sound of the tweeter. High-frequency aspect of the image in its interpretation markedly inconsistent. Detailed and expressive alto, flute, oboe. Bright, but quite realistic sounds and violin, although her voice is already felt stinging sharpness. But the sounds of triangles, cymbals, bells, and all that sizzles and crackles, definitely painted in the most high its manifestations. Not feeling dense saturated atmosphere. One can easily assume that the troubles associated with marked sensitivity to fluctuations in the range of 9-20 kHz, for which the direct responsibility of the tweeter (likely after the dome 10 kHz is converted into the membrane). But the picture is very good midrange. Correct vocals and bright; convincing interpretation of brass. Lower frequencies liked without question: bass correct, dense, meaningful and deep enough. Well the system copes with the tasks of the organization of space, creating an extensive stereo image. But, although it seems three-dimensional, virtual sources localization region slightly blurred. Illusion of presence in the hall replaced the feeling of involvement. One of the strongest advantages of the speakers Cerwin-Vega! E312 - its wide dynamic range, coupled with striking efficiency.

Cerwin-Vega! E312 Floor standing speakers photo