Cerwin-Vega XLS-12 Floor standing speakers

This American acoustics is difficult to take for any other, it is strongly associated with the "American" bass - powerful and uncompromising. Floorstanding Cerwin-Vega! XLS-12 are not an exception too. The index in the model name means the caliber of the low-frequency section; in this case it is a 12-inch driver of its own design with a cast basket and a reinforced magnetic system. Acoustic design is the bass reflex, a pair of ports is located behind. Medium and high frequency sections are horn, which allowed to significantly increase the feedback. This is a 6.5-inch driver and tweeter with a 25-mm soft dome and liquid-cooled voice coil. To protect the loudspeaker there is a safety fuse, which is not superfluous at all - the systems have a great reserve of undistorted power (operation with an amplifier up to 300 W per channel is allowed). The terminals are of very high quality and convenient to connect even a thick cable; bi-wiring and bi-amping are provided.

The American couple is able to create almost a concert sound pressure without loses in intelligibility of reproduction. But, at the same time, the middle seems to be a bit uptight, with somewhat simplified tonal crossfades. Discants are also not too airy, besides you feel a rather sharp directivity. These features are generally typical for a horn design, so you should experiment with the location of the loudspeakers in a particular room.

But bass is out of competition. The lower range is transmitted surprisingly freely - it has real power and clear articulation.

Cerwin-Vega XLS-12 Floor standing speakers photo