Cerwin-Vega! V-10F Floor standing speakers

V-10F is the lowest floor speaker system of new series by Cerwin-Vega!, consisting of eight models for different purposes and two theatrical 5.1 acoustics sets "turn-key ready". The novelties in the branded design should be considered to be definitely lottery - the front panels have a streamlined "anti-diffractive" form now. However, the developers still think that it is reasonable to suppress the body very much. The bass-reflex port is at the very bottom of the rear panel. Vinyl finish looks nice - "marble aggregate". There is a bullet-shaped dust-proof cap in the center of paper, with an exponential profile of mid-range's membrane. A careful relation of Cerwin-Vega! to high-frequency heads is well-known: in any case the use of the device, protecting the tweeter from overloads (PTC), at such a low frequency cut (1.5 kHz) seems to be quite reasonable. Spikes and supports are not provided; little semi-spherical legs-sticky tapes are in the kit.

The pair sounds richly, beautifully, skillfully plays by well-trained muscles. At the same time the sound is perceived to be well-balanced tonally, except sometimes tops seem to be a bit underlined, but in the negative context hearing doesn't perceive this circumstance. If you will hark carefully, you can notice a minor coloration in the upper middle, what, however, doesn't give serious motives for the criticism in most of the cases. The proportions of bass and mids are strictly calculated. And both bass and mids are distinguished by outstanding macrodynamics. Drum sounds of very different origin turn out to be remarkably naturalistic: deafening thunder of kettledrums, lush of small percussion section. The system passes to high and very high volume levels without significant artifacts.

It is a good acoustics for the reproduction of any modern music, hard-rock sounds just amazing in its performance. Large symphonic forms are not bad too. V-10F will be a great in all respects front of home cinema. The rest of the theatrical acoustic is recommended to be the branded (in order not to lose in sensitivity).

Cerwin-Vega! V-10F Floor standing speakers photo