Cerwin-Vega! VE-8F Floor standing speakers

Two-way speaker systems Cerwin-Vega! VE-8F are designed for small rooms and can be used in theatrical and stereo systems. They are built on own-developed dynamical heads in bass-reflex design. An 8-inch bass driver has a classical soft suspension, cast basket, sound coil of increased diameter and magnetic system of increased power. 30-mm (1-1/4") tweeter with the dome made of silver-plated mylar foil and cooling magnetic liquid in the gap. At input power overshoot its protection is provided. Like other models of the company, VE-8F are produced exclusively in a black finish that does not diminish its popularity at all.

Cerwin-Vega! VE-8F show all their best qualities at the volume above the average. In this case a listener can expect uncompromising drive and very brisk dynamics. But at high volume levels the middle can have a lack of naturalness and high frequencies - nuances, forming audio atmosphere. Apparently, due to this reason the stage turns out to be not very organized and sometimes with unpredictable location of seeming sound sources.

Bass always took a special place in set of values of Cerwin-Vega, and here it also gets into dominating positions. Despite of small volume of these speaker systems, low frequencies are fast and at the same time incredibly powerful and structured. This is just the ticket for lovers of rock and pop music.

Cerwin-Vega! VE-8F Floor standing speakers photo