Floor standing speakers Wharfedale Emerald 95 Mk4

Classic shape and design of acoustic line Emerald oldest British company Wharfedale exists as if out of time. Meanwhile underlined bend on the front panel speaker system adds personality and completes succinctly and without a presentable appearance. This is perhaps the most elegant in terms of finishing the acoustics in our test. Exceptional quality natural veneer looks much more advantageously albeit very soundly, but still artificial film.

The design of two-way speaker, bass reflex, with a front port. Dynamic heads in each speaker are only two inch cloth dome tweeter with a small horn and 170-mm midrange with phase-equalizing showerheads. Connects them crossover, built on select items audiophile grade. In particular, it uses the coil wound manually and capacitors with a minimum tolerance. The internal wiring is made of oxygen-free copper cable with low signal attenuation. Four gold-plated screw envisage selling two-wire connection to the amplifier. Included for better decoupling from the floor attached metal spikes. Opacity hull is good, but the experience of absolute monolith speakers still do not produce. Build quality is traditionally exclusive Wharfedale, and, not knowing the value of Wharfedale Emerald 95 Mk4, you can safely take them for a more expensive product.

Usual for this brand measured and transparent sound wonderfully combines remarkable linearity and a high degree of emotion. However, there is not the slightest tendency to over-analytic and mechanistic interpretation of musical works. That sound you just want to listen to relaxing in a chair.

Nevertheless features at Emerald 95Mk4 still available. First of all - high resolution in-band and rare timbre accuracy. At the hearing does not feel any noticeable color, but at high volume lowercase slightly loses control. This nuance is manifested because of limited logical macro-dynamic capabilities, because it's still a fairly compact speakers. Soundstage built confidently across the front of the line and a little closer to the listener. Positioning in space is quite accurate sources, remote plans are slightly blurred, but not expressed conditionally. Band joined exemplary - sometimes the illusion of broadband emitter, rather than two different-sized drivers.

Wharfedale Emerald 95 Mk4 Floor standing speakers photo