Revolver RW45 Floor standing speakers

Revolver RW45 is the flagship of the series, which also includes two shelf loudspeakers (RW16, RW33) and also the speaker system of central channel (RW25). All models are available in two variant of the natural veneer finish - light cherry and dark cherry. RW45 is a full-featured three-way construction. The speakers do not have extremely high mass index (17 kg each), but all the measures on careful plug of the body are observed. Low-frequency section is mounted in a separated by a massive partition compartment with the back location of the bass-reflex port. Its main striking power is a pair of 6-inches woofers with the fiber glass diffusers. The same driver is also selected to play the middle. An inch tweeter made of anodized aluminum, equipped with a special magnetic system, finishes the picture. To provide maximal "transparency" while the signal passes by, a special crossover was developed with the use of coils with airy core and audiophile polypropylene capacitors.

The impression from the sound of Revolver RW45 was very positive. Despite of a slight predominance of high frequencies and the emphasizing of sibilants, such manner of play does not exhaust the hearing, adding its own salient feature into ordered sound. Corrective and literally breathing middle is presented almost perfectly linearly, and sometimes it just fascinates by its openness and naturalness. Is it not a standard for its price category? The lower case is not devoid of delicacy too and, being perfectly fit in with overall gamma, is monolithic and fast. Only its depth can be referred to the disadvantages, although this does not despoil centerpiece of even the most large-scale compositions. Only one thing confuses: at the abundance of the lowest frequencies the body sometimes starts to "play along", but insignificantly.

Revolver RW45 Floor standing speakers photo