Revolver reviews

Revolver R45 Speaker pair review
Speaker pair Revolver R45

Since 1979, under the name Revolver issued turntables, 1994 - cheap speakers in small batches. In 1998 there was another change of ownership "fire" of the brand. Since 2002, the brand is The Acoustic Partnership, based Dzhevitom M. and C. Greenlees, ex-employees Heybrook Hi-Fi and JPW Loudspeakers respectively....
Revolver RW16 Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Revolver RW16

RW16 is produced exclusively in Britain and natural wood is used for the finish. They even reeks of classics - the bodies made of cases 18-millimeter MDF distinguish with a characteristic "monitor" proportion and phase-inverted acoustic design. And the drivers are taken as if from a recent past, when...
Revolver RW45 Floor standing speakers review
Floor standing speakers Revolver RW45

Revolver RW45 is the flagship of the series, which also includes two shelf loudspeakers (RW16, RW33) and also the speaker system of central channel (RW25). All models are available in two variant of the natural veneer finish - light cherry and dark cherry. RW45 is a full-featured three-way construction....