CD-player Sony SCD-X501ES

The Japanese market complex of player, a digital amplifier TA-F501 and a pair of monitors SS-K10ED was introduced in early 2007. Before us, as well as to Europe, this technique came just now.

Ignore the compact form factor, it is unreservedly serious audio capable sound quality to compete with Sony components Series ES.

Just look, for example, how to do all the same player. The chassis is made of mm steel (!). Sides, top cover and front panel - aluminum. SCD-X501 - the only player in our test, adapted for multichannel playback SA-CD. Also bi-linear release, he has also analog 5.1. Stereo can also be removed and digitally - are optical and coaxial outputs. Multichannel tract supplemented processor that allows you to configure "theater" speaker configuration and the optimal time delay, which, incidentally, is important for best results when playing Multichanel-layer SA-CD. Unfortunately, the documentation on the Japanese failed to learn about what element base used in the player, but I think this all is clear, and so - and the mechanism, and the lion's share of the digital path components built on Sony.

Include Sony SCD-X501, I have not experienced strong emotions. Player sounds, gentle, highly intelligent. Sound is not chilled and not overheated - it is neutral. Initially playing seems to be sluggish and not very dynamic, but it is an illusion. The sound is so generous in detail before and refined, it is difficult to understand how the whole system sounds volume. It is necessary to add a couple of decibels, and holiday music begins.

SCD-X501 meticulously conveys all the nuances of acoustic recording and strictly maintain their musical "weight" - the details are clearly audible, but never surpass in importance the other sounds. I have a recording large symphony orchestra rehearsals. Listening to them, always pay attention to how much extraneous sounds present in a phonogram. Sony player did something unreal. Everything is still heard, but attention to this pattern is for some reason you do not pay, it is important now is what displeased conductor - who of musicians play their game right, and who is - no.

Have Sony SCD-X501 and shortcomings - slightly droning bass, for example, or slightly weakened speaker HF. But all that reproduces this apparatus, filled with meaning and clarity. Tonal neutrality on SA-CD increased to the extent that one can speak of a complete detachment. Nothing distorts emotion and does not distract from the main. Remember, such as having an incredibly expensive models Theta and Wadia.

Sony SCD-X501ES CD-player photo