Sony CDP-XA2ES CD-player

Sony components with the prefix ES is characterized by the highest characteristics among the models of the company. One of the differences is noticeable by ear just when you first turn it on, before you hear the sounds from the loudspeakers. The loading tray of any other player never moved so smoothly and quietly as in the CDP-XA2ES. This is achieved thanks to the anti-vibration chassis and through the use of special pressure rollers in the mechanism for moving the tray to stabilize it. Optical digital output implies further use of this player as part of a complex, which also includes devices for digital recording on magnetic tape or mini-disc. To facilitate preparation for recording and ease of installation, the player has a corresponding function (Custom Edit). The headphone output is regulated mechanically by a variable resistor, but since it is motorized, you can control the volume level from the remote control, changing the signal at the linear output. Several electronic innovations are designed to improve the quality of the conversion: a pulse DAC with current control, a digital filter with forward coupling, restoring full data flow, including the least significant bits, and a digital servo system for perfect monitoring of the track. A set of playback modes is standard: software, random, repeat play. The Music Scan fragments search function is somewhat confusing. One could expect a lot from such a name, and in Sony CDP-XA2ES this means only the following fragment. The sound was rated as balanced for any music and get quite high scores.

Sony CDP-XA2ES CD-player photo