Sony CDP-X202ES CD-player

Sony engineers are constantly trying to maintain the breakaway, being one step ahead of the competition, so the functionality of the new models of CD players can be called truly luxurious. The Sony CDP-X202ES is no exception. The remote control has a huge number of buttons. This is due to the fact that the remote allows you to select the number of the played fragment from one to twenty by pressing just one button, as well as (and this is the main thing) the insertion of letters when editing - this mode is called Custom File. This "proprietary" Sony invention gives the user the ability to write into the player's memory the names of individual discs, mark with an index the required places on the CD, write to the memory of the programmed order of playback of individual fragments, etc. On the other hand, you have a wide variety of modes at your disposal, such as Repeat, A/B, Shuffle, Scan, Peak Search, Fader, Step-by-Step Index Search, and Autoedit. The performance of the Sony CDP-X202ES CD player is excellent, with linearity being impeccable. The sound was found to be excellent, with a good perspective, but somewhat harsh, with graininess (mainly in the high frequencies), as if with compressed dynamics.

Sony CDP-X202ES CD-player photo