Sony CDP-XE900 CD-player

Sony currently offers three Fixed Pickup CD players to the general public, and the 900 is the coolest among them. Not only this design of the drive unit came from the ES series to the H category, but also the C-PULSE pulse-current processor, first used by the company in 1995. By the way, thanks to the fixed head, the entire assembly has to be pulled out for loading, but, being very massive, it moves absolutely evenly and smoothly. This had a positive effect on the stability of its operation in the main mode, i. during playback. In general, the capabilities of this model in terms of the number of modes and functions, as well as the convenience of their implementation, are probably the largest among those presented in the test. As for the electronic output level control in the player, the possibilities associated with it are used to the fullest. When recording, you can set the level reduction time you want in the range from 2 to 10 seconds. At the same time, after each turn on, it is automatically set to 5 seconds, and in the fragment playback mode, which Sony calls Music Scan, to 2 seconds. Whenever you take hold of the rotary knob that controls the instant search for the desired track, what Sony calls AMS, you experience a feeling of deep satisfaction. The sound of the 900th is traditional branded: in terms of richness and sonority, hardly anyone will bypass it. Other things being equal, the CDP-XE900 sounded very impressive with modern recordings of early music played on instruments of the time, with woodwind solos and exotic drums.

Sony CDP-XE900 CD-player photo