Focal-JMlab Chorus 816V Floor standing speakers

Focal Chorus 816V is the junior floor standing model, built by 2,5-way scheme. The branded 165 mm drivers, made by Polyglass technology patented by Focal, ask for the playback of lower range. Traditionally for Focal, the tweeter here is an inch driver with a convex TNV dome, which differs by increased overloading capacity and an extended working band. The developers calls the used acoustic design Powerflow. In fact, this is the system of two bass reflexes, one of which is put to floor and the second is on the front panel. In conjuction this leads to decreasing of turbulent noises and increasing the quality of bass.

Focal Chorus 816V shows the highest detailing of playing, especially in mid and upper cases. Another valuable feature of the dynamical character is that energetic potential is more than enough for work with even hard symphonic classics. Bass is close to natural, but its symmetry slightly decreases to the lower border. The middle deserves the most flattering reviews. Complete transparency and delicacy of presentation reign in this spectrum. The branded tweeter plays clear, with necessary air. Due to this reason, there are no problems with creation of uniform sound stage.

Focal-JMlab Chorus 816V Floor standing speakers photo