Focal-JMLab Cobalt 810 Floor standing speakers

The faceplate of two-way Focal-JMLab Cobalt 810 speaker system is decorated with a famous tweeter with the convex spherical titanium membrane, the surface of which is covered with a thinnest layer of viscous titanium dioxide, and midwoofer with the diffuser, made by Polyglass technology (cellulose base is baked with the layer of silicon powder). On the axis of LF/MF-driver there is the cap for acoustic fit in the area of band separation. The body is not too heavy, but very rigid. The system is equipped with spikes and useful steel and rubber washers to save flooring and carpets. Three variants of the finish of side panel by wood veneer are available.

While playing Cobalt 810 "implies' and "withholds" nothing; its sound amazes by the rare completeness of tonal architecture of the musical building. It's amazing how confidently the small drivers groove low-frequency acoustic energy. It's hard to use any epithets to the bass of Focal Cobalt 810 because it seems to be maximally inherent for any music form. Bass is not "dry", "wet", "rigid" or "soft", you do not even want to call it strict, although in fact exactly this characteristic is closest to the truth. The quality of high frequencies deserves special respect: their luxurious dynamics at the adjusted tonal balance gives the feeling of exceptional freshness; the sound admires by breakneck play of light and dark, variety of colors and shades. Virtual space replaces very naturally the interior of the listening room; the stage is volumetric and well detailed. At the increased volume MIDs noticeably lose to tops in detailing.

We didn't notice any particular priorities in Focal-JMLab Cobalt 810: we liked good jazz recordings in its performance very much; hard rock is perceived wonderful - the sound of bass-guitar is rich, aggressive power of percussion section does not give you to relax.

Focal-JMLab Cobalt 810 Floor standing speakers photo