Yamaha NS-777 Floor standing speakers

Black, lacquered, with slightly convex side panels Yamaha NS-777 has record sizes. The walls of the speaker systems are made of 12-mm MDF plates. Horizontal struts increase the rigidity of construction. There is a minimum of absorber inside. Translucent membranes of both woofers and midrange are made of the branded composite PMD polymer (Polymer Injected Mica Diaphragm). Sound coils of the drivers are wound with wire of rectangular section. Mid-range head is blocked from the inside by a plugged plastic cap. The tweeter with aluminum dome membrane, equipped with a scattering lens, emits high frequencies. Crossover filters are assembled on non-polar electrolytic capacitors and induced coils with ferrite cores. Large bass-reflex port is on the rear wall. The speaker systems are installed on outriggers, into which spikes are screwed.

Perfect "broadband" dynamics is the most important advantage of Yamaha NS-777 and the base of seemliness of its sound image. Add to this an excellent quality of bass - bright, powerful and deep. Tonal balance is rather neutral; slight emphasis of high frequencies even in classics, especially in hard rock does not perceived in negative context. Only the image of space is presented a bit generalized. NS-777 perfectly plays classics, in full inspires the listener by the energy of rock compositions. This system is uncompromising theatrical front.

Yamaha NS-777 Floor standing speakers photo