Yamaha Soavo 1 Floor standing speakers

The basis for the creation of Soavo became Natural Sound concept, which has been used by Yamaha engineers more than half a century for creation of speaker systems and electronic components. Its essence lies in the fact that each component achieves maximally natural and accurate transfer of musical recordings, resulting in harmonious complex of "ideal" things, and thus the name is "natural sound". Whether it is so, we'll know during further testing, although I by the example of other Yamaha products have repeatedly ascertained that this is not empty words.

The playback of Soavo 1 is wide enough; the system can easily transfer almost any musical passages, staying at the same time clearly sounding and not losing intelligibility. Sincere naturalness of playback, at which the hearing is not already trying to evaluate such minor things as sound resolution, tonal balance and other "small details", attracts. To my mind, such approach to sound "tuning" is justified - at the result we got extremely universal speakers by genres, which are able to adequately work almost at any system of the appropriate level. Yamaha Soavo 1 are not deprived of emotions, but as for expression, we wish it more, and this "sound arrogance" especially arises at the playing of fast powerful tracks with a desperate drive. But you should not perceive it as disadvantage, rather an individual feature, which does not prevent in most cases to have true pleasure from the listening. But you still can find some small bugs in the interpretation of Yamaha Saovo 1. Surely, they are not so critical for many of us, but I could not miss them. The matter is in features of construction of sound palette, in which, as I think, an excessive honor is rendered to different high-frequency artifacts and background noises, which sometimes annoy with their presence. Although many people quite the opposite will be happy about such attitude to details.

The sound stage, performed by Yamaha Saovo 1, deserves a special praise. This is one of the few systems, which at the correct placement is able to build the space almost ideally, with extremely clear localization of sources.

Yamaha Soavo 1 Floor standing speakers photo