Floor standing speakers Heco Krypton Tower

Tower - the flagship line of Krypton, which had the opportunity to meet through its shelf representative Krypton 200. Architecture German couples reflects one of the basic ideas of the concept of multivariate Lifestyle-speakers. One way to achieve high quality sound from the towers, on whose front panels can not be placed sufficiently large woofers - use a lot of small ones. At low frequencies Tower production involved a group of four 140-mm heads in a single volume for all acoustic design. Fifth decoupled from the woofer impenetrable partitions and a special camera is turned on after 600 Hz. Same powers vested with neodymium magnet tweeter system range from 3 to 40 kHz. Non-removable spike stands ensure adequate stability.

Bass relatively shallow, but - with considerable advantages: a resilient, correct, clean. In the overwhelming majority of the spectral space perfectly articulated sound. Many kind words deserves a dynamic resource system. With high reverence it refers to a complex musical matter: recording chamber orchestra - a detailed, well-researched "group portrait" instruments in the three interior music scene. However, unlike the shelf "two hundredth", Tower seemed a bit derelict at extremely high frequencies: not so contrasting characteristic "crispness" Harpsichord, less "scrupulous" vocal consonants... Heco Krypton Tower - a good example of a successful combination of Lifestyle-architecture and the sound of a good image; in relatively small areas (about 30 sq. m.) - it is quite versatile stereo pair; with a good subwoofer Tower - undefeated theatrical front.

Heco Krypton Tower Floor standing speakers photo