Audiovector C2 MkII Floor standing speakers

C2 Mk II leads C series - the most inexpensive in the lineup of Audiovector. Slim 2,5-way loudspeakers look very nice; the quality of panels' facing admires - can't distinguish from natural veneer. The bodies are made of 20-mm HDF plates (more dense and rigid analogue to MDF). Dynamical equipment is the tweeter with a silk dome, a pair of 165-mm LF/MF-drivers (Vifa). The baskets of woofers are cast from the special plastic. Each of two LF/MF-drivers is in a separate compartment. Both compartments are densely filled with mats of foam-polymer sound absorbent; the lower compartment is reinforced with horizontal struts. Glass-fabric-plastic commutation block on the inner side performs the functions of the printed circuit board, which simple (1 and 2 order) crossover filters (inductor coils with ferrite cores) are assembled on.

Nobly accentuated bass plays an important role in sound image of the system. Due to exceptional clarity of the lines and accuracy of the attack some low-frequency pressure doesn't have a destructive character. Any musical material is served impressively and weighty. Middle part of the range is drawn with juicy colors. The elements of tonal diversity (bass, a bit convex middle) often appear in very favorable light, primarily due to good clarity of the picture. In neutral tops there are a fascinating play of light and darkness, calm beauty of musical edges and textures. The accuracy of work in the upper cases causes the correctness of interpretation of the space's image. Audiovector C2 Mk II is undoubtedly universal stereo pair, but elegant chamber compositions in its performance especially charmed us.

Audiovector C2 MkII Floor standing speakers photo