ASW Opus L14 Floor standing speakers

Slim and tall ASW Opus L14 can be externally referred to Lifestyle category, but the manufacturer emphasizes that the systems are designed under the strict canons of Hi-Fi. On a narrow faceplate there are three branded drivers, installed by D'Appolito scheme. As you know, it provides more continuous sound, comparable to a point source of radiation. Diffusers of 100-mm midbasses are made of woven fiberglass that gives them increased rigidity and keeps minimal mass of movable system. A silk tweeter is equipped with highly-efficient neodymium magnetic system. To expand the band of low frequencies there is bass-reflex design with front air port in loudspeakers. In addition to increasing return in basses, such solution allows you to place the system close to the wall.

ASW Opus L14 sound quite proportionally to its internal volume and caliber of drivers. They do not try to amaze by powerful bass, focusing the main attention on higher by frequency areas. Starting with the upper bass, the sound of Opus L14 can be called enoughly balanced in tonal terms, without local emissions or significant gaps. The middle is transparent, giving the sound mass of details. There are no special claims to the playback of vocal - even the most difficult female parties are believable and accurate in nuances. The purity of upper case also does not cause problems - this section is balanced and concise in company's way; extreme overtones are slightly emphasized. Sound space is built without visible breaks and with clear positions of individual instruments.

ASW Opus L14 Floor standing speakers photo