ASW Cantius 404 Floor standing speakers

The body of ASW Cantius 404 is narrow but deep. Finish is standard - black natural veneer; however, 16 more design options are available. According to d'Appolito scheme (with a tweeter in the middle), on the front panel there are a large 30-mm tweeter with a silk dome and two 100-mm MF/LF drivers with aluminum diffusers and soft suspension. The side walls of the body are slightly rounded, emphasizing the "harmony" of the design and simultaneously reducing the sound diffraction at the corners of the body. On the back wall at the very bottom there is a very solid port of the bass reflex. A matte-black podium, which adjustable metal spikes or legs are screwed into, is fixed to the bottom wall.

The main advantage of an elegant German couple is the invariable naturalness of musical expression. Neutral, extraordinarily finely detailed, flexible sound will be undoubtedly appealed to listeners who have considerable experience of listening to music in the halls, fans of the chamber, instrumental and vocal classics. The sound of the ASW Cantius 404 is close, delicately detailed throughout the range. Focused, pure bass and silky, light top frame the correct and accurate middle. The panorama is very airy, transparent, and compact. Due to not very high energy, lack of pressure and shock power, we will not recommend this system to fans of rock, pop and other "heavy" modern genres. As for lovers of classics, who have a small room for home listening, it will be perfect.

ASW Cantius 404 Floor standing speakers photo