ASW Cantius 504 Floor standing speakers

The ASW Cantius 504 has a slim high body with a narrowed front panel. The quality of finishing is brilliant (a choice of more than a dozen different options, including veneer from exotic wood species). The construction is a two-way with back bass reflex port. 130-mm woofers have the diffusers made of aluminum alloy. The diameter of the tweeter with a soft fabric dome is slightly larger than the standard (30 mm), and it starts to work from 2000 Hz. The third-ordered separation filter (18 dB/oct) is as simple as possible and contains only the necessary elements of the selected quality. As befits high-class speaker system, two-wire connection to an amplifier is possible, and special rubber dampers are provided for decoupling the speakers from the floor.

With the correct arrangement relatively to the listener, the loudspeakers literally dissolve in space, but we failed to have absolutely precise localization of the instruments. Traditionally for German loudspeakers tonal balance of ASW Cantius 504 is as maximally accurate, without critical deviations in the entire working range. The speaker systems are characterized by excellent, close to ideal, reproduction of the attack of most instruments. Bass is very fast and deep enough. We can describe the nature of the mid-range in two words: complete impartiality. I liked the tweeter too: it gives a lot of air and fine detailing.

ASW Cantius 504 Floor standing speakers photo