Infinity Beta 50 Floor standing speakers

BETA 50 from a California company Infinity stands out by its appearance. Not only high-quality beech, cheery or black ash grain vinyl film finishing draws the eye. Beveled front panel has the branded speakers, created by C.M.M.D. (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms) technology. Diffusers of these speakers are made of aluminum, which through chemical processing is made up to formation of ceramics on them. This allows to get natural live sound and to decrease distortions very much. Initially this technology was developed for top Prelude MTS line, now they are used in less expensive speaker systems. 25-mm (1") tweeter is located in the center of the branded CAI (Constant Acoustic Impedance) acoustic horn, improving its polar pattern. Together with the tweeter there is a 130-mm (5") MF-speaker. Slightly below there are two big LF-drivers, which work in separate volume together with bass-reflex port. Speakers are protected by metallic fine-meshed screen, giving the speaker systems a very unique look. Terminals are gilt, spring with bi-wiring support.

Sound. We have already noticed that products of some companies have typical, branded features. Loudspeakers of American brand Infinity illustrate this observation very convincingly. Sound of Infinity Beta 50 is so to say sparkling, sunny, festal; their musical temperament is always movable. Reproducing even the music of requiem, liturgy or minor blues the model manages to identify and underline light, optimistic sides of music characters, let alone other classical and popular genres. The speaker systems draw out the elements of music painting absolutely clearly, especially freely, easily, smoothly and with brilliantly. Dynamical showings are perfect too. Bass of BETA 50 is dense, fast, and not very deep. In comparison with very clear middle and top it is slightly less accurate in tonal sense, but arising sometimes light coloring does not perceived as soaping of image and doesn't lead to change of overall balance and sound flavor. The speakers systems form big and spacious musical stage, disposing its front plan quite close to a listener.

Infinity Beta 50 Floor standing speakers photo