Floor standing speakers AAD C-600i

C-600i - second floor model line growth Ci consisting of six classic and five speakers purely theatrical purposes. We are already familiar with some representatives of the series, in particular - with a smaller floorstanding acoustics C-500i. In the six hundredth similar two-way design. Convincingly look brand bass/midrange head and very cheap - "leather" exterior decoration and strong body (MDF) with internal stiffeners. Large speakers do not impress bulky. Side panels are neatly lined plastic film. Common for all drivers good internal volume muted synthetic padding. Awesome stiffness faceplate - flint! All speakers are magnetically shielded; in the magnetic gap tweeter - Ferrofluid cooling. Port resonator close to the floor (to improve the efficiency of its radiation) inside - polymer insert, evidently plays the role of an acoustic damper. Universal contact group allows the use of any cable lugs.

From listening AAD C-600i, difficult to resist comparing it with the manner of the sonic character of the game C-500i; many common features found in this case. Mainly, they are united "tasty" tonal balance - with a raised surround bass and subtly accentuated, airy highs. Feeling of fullness comprehensive spectral sound does not leave on most music test tracks, including the classics. Fragments that reveal the dynamic limits of acoustics, performed on six hundredth "four-plus" - at a comfortable volume level does not notice any hearing manifestations of nonlinearity. Bass is very deep impression. Small pitch accent somewhere in the top of the bass register becomes noticeable at high signal levels, and in some cases can reduce the detail surrounding medium .

AAD C-600i is able to satisfy a wide range of tastes audiolyubiteley - especially keen on modern music. Good foundation for full-scale home theater components of C-series.

AAD C-600i Floor standing speakers photo