CD-changer Onkyo DX-C530

6-disc CD-player refers to the heavy weight category (literally and figuratively). Draws attention to an unusually large number of controls on the front panel. On the one hand - no wonder they get confused with the other - very convenient to have a button for every function, the more so that they are positioned very well from the standpoint of ergonomics. We can not ignore the function of Music file, available only in DX-C530 allows you to record and memory of the player in the playing order of fragments from any of 204 CD. In the future, when you install the CD, the processor "recognizes" disk, and he "remembers" its program vosproizvsdsniya. In addition, this player is the "correct" mode RANDOM, allowing in random mode to sort out not only tracks on the disc, but they themselves uploaded in CD-changer drives. Mechanic DX-C530 works "like clockwork": slide changer moves fast, but extremely smoothly and almost silently. Willing to drive and search the desired track is made silently. The display is very informative. The only negative - no particulars about the rooms loaded discs: the presence of a disc in the CD changer can only be known at the time of treatment to that drive. But what is most striking in the Onkyo DX-C530, so is the sound. Its sound quality is simply amazing: the natural sound and natural, with a huge number of musical parts Especially bury sound of stringed instruments. Proigryvatsl give good amount of space and a recording studio. Location singers and instruments in an orchestra bury layered depth. The sound quality of the tested models, this player is well ahead of its competitors, equally confident reproducing both classical and popular music.

Onkyo DX-C530 CD-changer photo