Onkyo DX-7110 CD-player

The single-bit converter used in this turntable, manufactured by Onkyo, is called PWM ACCUPULSE. The device impresses with the elaborate and well thought-out indication of all the activated functions, which are more than in many other models. For example, the switching on of the pause mode is indicated by a big conditional symbol, moreover, it has a red contrast to the main indicator. The DX-7110 has an indication of the next track number during playback in the program or in the order of recording on the disc. If the first is convenient, the purpose of the second is not quite clear, because the number of the next track is known in advance. In the random sequence the search for the next track occurs just before playback and is accompanied by a rapidly running indication of the number in the square of the musical calendar. A modern player should keep you informed, even during routine operations. When you turn it on, "DISC" appears on the indicator, which flashes as it detects its presence, then either goes out when it is absent, or starts to glow constantly. Time counting is very convenient for making the program and recording it on the cassette: first the total time of the made program is displayed before the start, and after the start the remaining time of the playing piece is displayed. The DX-7110 is good enough on its own, but you'll experience the full capabilities of remote control via the system bus only as part of an Onkyo system.

Onkyo DX-7110 CD-player photo