CD-player Kenwood DP-1060

One of the main advantages of this model is its cost. The sound is somewhat artificial, low frequency sound nice treble a bit lacking, the overtones are heard not very good.

CD-player is very good. The player offers a synchronized connection to the tape deck. There is a mode Edit mode and Space, which provides when dubbing from CD to cassette tapes creating four-second pauses. Equipped with gold-plated connector headphone output is not regulated.

Mechanic works relatively noisy. The big advantage of the player is its appearance. Mechanic is in the center housing some buttons are placed very convenient that provides easy maintenance.

Player Kenwood DP-1060 does not hit us with their sound. However, for those who do not have a large enough amount and not very deliberates whether he has a good home amplifier and speakers, the purchase of this player will be a good addition to your existing audio equipment.

Kenwood DP-1060 CD-player photo