Kenwood DP-3050 CD-player

The DP-3050 CD player is a clear example of how the desire of manufacturers to create a device with as original a design as possible diverges from the requirements for ease of operation. Here we are talking about a real anti-design. Although the operation of the device is clear enough, the low positioning of the controls on the front panel is uncomfortable and unnatural. The display is not distinctive. The design of the device can be classified as "above average". The mechanical parts of the turntable are noiseless.

The sound of the DP-3050 is balanced and does not depend on the nature of the program material. When you turn on the Loudness mode (tone-compensation) of the amplifier the effect of the first listening is very impressive. The sound in the midrange is detailed, with a somewhat incomplete presence effect. On closer listening you can find some emphasis of high frequencies with a slight crushing of sound at the upper limit of the reproduced range.

Kenwood DP-3050 CD-player photo