Kenwood DP-3080 CD-player

This CD player, in terms of mechanics, is typical of the team under test. The disc drive in the DP-3080 is very similar to those used in models of this price group. The head is located on swiveling rails, which are lowered during loading and take a horizontal position during playback. From the "interactive" communication on the display appears only the message "no diSC" when there is no disc. Very clearly, a standard red symbol on the display shows the "pause" mode, which immediately draws attention. For most players in the test such clarity is unattainable: everything is monotonous and unnoticeable. A quick familiarization with the records on the disc is possible by enabling fragmentary (10 seconds at the beginning of each track) listening, called in this player Intro Scan. In this case it is reasonable to assume that you are directly at the player, and therefore the activation of this mode is possible only from the front panel. Since there is no standby mode on the player, there is no power off from the remote control. The number of tracks in the possible program is quite enough - 20. And as for other service features, there is almost a full set: three repeat modes, including A-B, disk editing during recording and peak search, and even indicator brightness decrease, and all can be switched on both from the panel and the remote control. In the DP-3080 remote control is possible not only with the included remote, but also via the system bus from the amplifier or Kenwood receiver remote. I have a very pleasant feeling from communicating with this unit. The same can be said about the sound.

Kenwood DP-3080 CD-player photo