KENWOOD DP-5060 CD-player

The only thing that I frankly did not like about this model was the unusual location of the button for opening the loading compartment. However, this is a matter of habit. The functionality is very rich, although most of the modes can only be activated by remote control. The technical parameters are excellent and exceed those given by the manufacturer by a good margin. The frequency response shows a moderate rise in high frequencies with a maximum of about + 0.08 dB at 18 kHz. The Kenwood DP-5060 passed the linearity test flawlessly. The sound was rated as relatively neutral. The small number of comments indicates the good quality of the player. The sound was described as clean in all its components, rich, dynamic, with no problems related to toxicity or graininess. The transfer of spatiality was rated as average.

KENWOOD DP-5060 CD-player photo