Denon DCD-615 CD-player

Denon produces a detailed, dimensional sound. There are still some flaws, though. But sound is natural and good localized.

The device is well equipped too. It is possible to set the level on a switchable LED for a lower sound at night. The control is very easy, although working with remote control is not demonstrative enough. A coaxial digital output will especially please those who own a DAC or a DAT-recorder. It is possible to copy audiotapes by only one click if the device is synchronously connected with a tape deck of the same company. It is a Synchro function, and the button, by the way, is on the tape deck, not on the player. The device also has a Timer mode.

There is no recommendations needed to a Denon DCD-615. Taking the price into account, there is only one player competing with Denon - the Philips CD 164 player. The Denon player is most suitable for those who prefer natural sound and reasonable price combined.

Denon DCD-615 CD-player photo