CD-player Philips CD 164

You must admit that the player Philips CD 164 we were pleasantly surprised. With a very low price and use only their own standard cables it reproduces the sound of such high quality for which can not "blush" even more expensive players. The sound of this model Philips relatively soft, unobtrusive, making it enjoyable. It is light, spaciousness and good localization of individual instruments, and sometimes even hear overtones.

Standard equipment of the player, but there is no mode Edit, and headphone output. I would put commended the remote control. This unit is equipped with a device that protects the mechanics of damage during transit.

Mechanic works silently, but the search of fragments of recorded material is accompanied by a faint hissing sound (within reason). In appearance, the player Philips CD 164 is not the most beautiful, but it makes a good impression. Shutdown mode indicator does. Green light is not at all a good impression.

Among the vehicles in this class, he deserves our recommendation.

Philips CD 164 CD-player photo