Denon DCD-725 CD-player

The front panel design is simple (although it is not just the same as the others, but a bit inside-out), but the indicator on the bottom of the front panel sits too deeply so you have to place the player somewhere up above to work with it. On the other hand, the sound is very satisfactory. A 20-bit transformer with digital filter and eightfold pre-sampling represent the ALPHA Processing traditional company technology, which allows to play LSB that are often lost by other bitwise transformers.

Such losses are particularly perceptible on a low-level signals, on the introductory tracks for example, as it is hard to find piano somewhere else on CD nowadays. We have done some comparison while listening to different record level fragments, and the player showed its high quality on the low levels. There are almost all possible standard options available, and the indicator's light intensity control in addition (1/3, 2/3 and turning off). Moreover, the Denon player combines a simple manual headphone ouput tuning and electronic remotely controlling linear output tuning. DCD-725 is confident with playing any kinds of programmes.

Denon DCD-725 CD-player photo