Denon DCD-1290 CD-player

When listening to acoustic music or serious quality most fully manifested in Denon DCD-1290, and I even dare say that the quality Allows playback of sound it far exceeds the standard in its category.

When listening to rock, pop and jazz music, unlike other CD players sound DCD-1290 becomes less bright.

Mechanics performed at a very high level, the controls are simple and intuitive. Incorporating standard except not too frequently used function Fitch. Calibrate the intensity of the display or turn it, you can use the remote control.

Denon DCD-1290 appeared before us in a very good light, as an exceptionally successful model, in a solid performance, with enough equipment for which it is difficult to find an equivalent competitor. For classical music lovers who are thinking about the possible purchase, are our hottest recommendations.

Denon DCD-1290 CD-player photo