Onkyo DX-7211 CD-player

Onkyo player like all the equipment of this company is a gift for the lovers, who are tired of black bricks. The player has the traditional design with asymmetric arrangement of tray of load. The first thing, which user faces, is tray of load. And in this case its construction is very gentle. The sequence, programmed in DX-7211, is the longest - up to 36 steps. And its completion in memory filling is identified by the inscription "FULL". Although the mode of programming is specified in the instruction with showing of tracks, unspecified tracks are played at the second pressing of Memory button. Actually this means that programming mode is realized by one press of the button for the exception. One more unusual and convenient mode- "Next Selection" is available from the remote control, which allows you to break in quickly on the playback program and select any next track from CD. Edit of tracks' separation on the cassette at the preparation to the record is possible only in auto mode for the cassettes with one of the seventh fixed durations. And the separation happens with leaving of all tracks in a row on A side with maximum approximation to the length of one side. It's quite simple, but not very convenient, because empty tails stay at the end of each side. The search of peak is provided, but it is organized in such a way that is possible only on all tracks. Insert of three-second pause between fragments occurs in automatic mode if the playback is made on the program. The management is organized quite convenient. At first the placement of button for opening of tray, which is in the same row with control buttons of main functions, confuses. Almost all, who were asked to put the disk in this player, first pushed leftmost "+10" button in the bottom row.

Like in al players of the company, DX-7211 has the self-engineered 1-bit DAC - PWD ACCUPULSE and the digital filter with eight times oversampling. However, the measured impulse and square waves are like after only analog filtration. Perhaps, this is the idea of the developers.

Pay attention to the silver "finish" and don't try to connect it with sound manifestations? Yes, we tried. And we expressly declare - there is no connection. Moreover, softness and perfectly expressed vocal basis of the soloist's voice can completely dispel the myth about "potential" coolness of the sound. The player is calm like an experienced performer at the stage; it can confidently set and keep voices of the choir on their places. It is interesting that the soloist, being in the depth of the stage, is localized with high accuracy and Onkyo at the same time does not lay emphasis on light record's noises, delicately masking the artifacts of direction. However, this feature surprisingly didn't affect the general scale of picture, stereo panorama and subjective feeling of the volume.

Onkyo DX-7211 CD-player photo