Denon AVR-4306 AV-receiver

Denon AVR-4306 is ideal for those who need a device with comprehensive switching capabilities. It's enough to skip through the list of functions or look at the front and back panels, then you come to the idea: you can connect everything to this receiver. There is a USB port, an input for a standard iPod connector and three HDMI, a vinyl input and a Denon Link connector for direct connection by the digit of the Denon universal player, and an Ethernet jack, through which you can even listen to Internet radio. The possibilities for connecting loudspeakers have been extended - the surround back channels can be consisted of two pairs of speakers (A and B).

AL24 Processing Plus is responsible for processing of the sound. Microphone and automatic system of auto-calibration are supplied for setting the sound field. The 9-band equalizer is very useful. Video signals are converted into any format by the built-in processor, and control is entrusted to an elegant remote control with touch screen. As you can see, the device is very advanced. And how does it sound?

If to judge strictly, I would criticize the work of the tuner. The radio part is too average for technology of such a price level. But when working with any other source, Denon AVR-4306 demonstrates the real class. The sound is accurate, very informative, with a lot of nuances on the edges of the range. Bass is impressive, deep and rich. The upper band is transmitted richly too, maybe even a bit aggressively, but this depends on what compare with - I know very expensive receivers that sound much sharper. To blame Denon is possible only in the lack of living plasticity in the midrange - the voices are slightly synthetic, sleek, and the switch from digital to direct analog input does not solve this minor problem. There are no claims to the sound stage - the focus is impeccable.

Denon AVR-4306 AV-receiver photo