Denon AVR-X2000 AV-receiver review

After releasing a new range of receivers, the Denon company decided to reset the model names - now there are pretty index numbers with zeros instead of cumbersome bunch of complex numbers. But what does the index 2000 in the model name actually mean? First of all, it indicates that the device is somewhere about the center of the range, in the hardest place, where device has to be reasonable-priced and functional, providing a high-quality sound, at the same time. Moreover, an X in a new range name stands for the new slogan - Xcellent performance. And that is what the new receiver actually shows. The device offers seven channels of surround sound and one low-frequency channel for subwoofer connecting. Besides, those channels can be configurated arbitrarily, arranged in a bi-amping in 5-channel system, it is possible to add rear speakers or even enable two extra channels for secong zone scoring. Receiver can serve an independent signal on it, which means you can watch a movie in your five-channel home theatre while you're listening a CD in a living room, where two extra speakers are set. A capacity of 95 W per channel is enough for a buildup for almost an any acoustic system of the same price range. However, there are more details below.

Setting up the receiver is quite easy. Setting of the multisystem should be given to an Audissey MultEQ XT system the device is equipped with, which, in addition to other benefits, is capable of setting acoustic characteristics by eight points. All you need to do is to connect the setup microphone provided (the connector is on the front panel), and make all the audio tuning by following the simple graphic tips. If you don't like the sound for some reason, you can always tune all the parameters manually, which are the delay, cut-off frequency, speakers' distance, their size and so on. As we are not talking about designer fist-sized satellites here, we would advise a "work with full acoustic" option for large bookshelf speakers, that will give a richer sound with full upper bass, which bookshelf acoustic systems can play easily.

AVR-X2000 keeps up with the times, which means it supports AirPlay, can work with 3D-video and is capable of raising the input signal resolution up to Full HD and also 4K (3840x2160 ppx). To tell the truth, there is little chance you are going to need this feature in a next couple of years, as the 4K TVs and projectors won't flood the market in the nearest future. But let's consider buying the AVR-X2000 as a long-term project.

It has eight HDMI connectors on the board, one of which is an output, six inputs on the back panel for connecting any possible sources, including audio, and one extra connector on the front panel, which you will use to view snapshots and videos from your camera. A headphone jack and USB slot for connecting smartphones and tablets providing charging function are here too.

However, it's up to you to decide, whether you want to use your mobile phone as a source or not. AVR-X2000 is equipped with Ethernet connector and connects to your home network automatically, as soon as you connect the router. After that you can play music from your home digital library, listen to the radio and connect external NAS. You can download a free Denon Remote App and use your Android or IOS smartphone or tablet as a remote control. The app is simple, intuitive and easy to master.

There is also a WEB-interface making it possible to make all the parameter tuning using a smartphone or a tablet, and a Windows 8 sertification. What is missing to your complete digital happiness is a wireless receiver' connection. Although the device's software is suitable for working with Wi-Fi, you have to buy and connect and extra module for that kind of work. However, receiver still copes with playing music programmes and soundtracks perfectly.

Denon's fidelity to its sound tradition should also be noted - all seven channels are separated and work on the classic analogue scheme powered by a major transformer, which takes more than a quarter of the shell space. No attempts of working with modern digital technologies, which usually just worsen the sound, can be seen here.

As a result, Denon sounds quite respectably. The frequency range is worked extremely accurately. In movie mode the sound might seem too light without a subwoofer, so do not disregard the bass support, but the sound quality itself is very high, as it includes the air, the clarity and lots of other details. On good musical soundtracks the device may show the sound bringing the true audiophile pleasure, but also reveals all the flaws of the tracks converted to MP3, the difference from CD tracks is huge, what again shows the high quality of the audio path. In general, the Denon AVR-X2000 sound can be described as accurate and smooth. Its amplifiers deal with different acoustic systems, so that it will be easy to pick up the speakers. We would recommend using large floor acoustic systems with soft, non-"screaming" tweeters and massive bass, which will be tamed by Denon to the proper level.

Price: $490
Denon AVR-X2000 AV-receiver photo