Denon AVR-1602 AV-receiver

The receiver differs minimally from its predecessor. Its main advantage is the presence of a Dolby Pro Logic II decoder. But this alone is worth a lot. The features of the new version of Dolby Pro Logic II include the presence of two sound processing modes, especially for film and music. And the manufacturer of the receiver in this case simply honestly broadcasts these features, embedded in the standard circuit design, to the user. In DSP-processing modes (there are seven of them in the AVR-1602), the company provides an indication of the delay in meters, which makes it easy to "orient yourself on the ground." For four modes, you can adjust the room size, delay and level of spatial effect, for others - only the delay for additional channels. The choice or reassignment of inputs is connected with their limited set and the need to configure the home system. The fact is that there are only two digital inputs, and they are already programmed: one for DVD, and the second for a CD or TV tuner.

The receiver offers comfortable sound when watching movies at any time of the day or night. Dynamic range limiting, or colloquially "night mode", can be set to three levels or retain the full power of the original. This mode only works when playing back Dolby Digital recordings. The choice of loudspeakers for multi-channel modes traditionally offers two options, labeled LARGE and SMALL. These designations ("large" and "small") are not related to the physical dimensions of the loudspeaker, but suggest its ability to reproduce frequencies below 80 Hz (LARGE mode). Note that only with such acoustics will the subwoofer sound, that is, the corresponding low-frequency signal will be fed to it. At the same time, the AVR-1602 has two modes for the subwoofer: main (NORM) and total (+MAIN). In the first one, only the low-frequency effects signal is fed to the subwoofer (when playing soundtracks with Dolby Digital and DTS), the level of which can be set through the initial settings menu, and in the second, the low-frequency components present in the front channels are also added. This mode gives a more uniform filling of the bottoms of the entire space of the home cinema.

The decoder understands the PCM signal in 96 kHz/24 bit format, but only for the two front channels: when such a signal is applied to the digital input, the receiver automatically switches to stereo mode.

The receiver's remote control is universal with reprogramming codes, allowing you to control a DVD player, an LD player (this is where the company's long-standing traditions do not even allow you to take a step aside), a VCR and a TV. For the latter, models from almost 70 brands are supported.

Denon AVR-1602 AV-receiver photo