Denon AVR-1906 AV-receiver

We have a typical Denon receiver. Here are a sophisticated body and an aluminum front panel with a broad informative display. A large set of connectors on the front panel, including even an optical one, is not forgotten. On the rear panel there are three component video inputs: in addition to the traditional DVD player and satellite tuner, you can also connect a favorite game console. The acoustic terminals are slightly out of the general positive picture. They are too nearly, and their diameter is small, which does not facilitate the connection process.

Functions. The sixth and seventh amplifiers can be used not only for rear back channels, but also for connecting front speakers in a bi-amping scheme. This is a useful opportunity for those who equally appreciate both stereo and multi-channel sound. It allows using in full the capabilities of high-end loudspeakers, i.e. to significantly improve the quality of stereo sound and to make the receiver truly musical. However, there are no complaints about the sound to the receiver regardless of the connection. High frequencies are distinguished by crystal transparency, the "middle" is not convex and not sunk, bass is weighty. Denon AVR-1906 plays soundtracks to movies correctly and confidently - a powerful power source affects. Spatial effects are true, their excellent localization is clear evidence of the excellent work of built-in decoders.

Control. Thanks to the auto-tuning, with the help of a microphone and the system of on-screen menus, even an unsophisticated user is able to cope with the installation. The inscriptions and buttons on the front panel are shallow, but it does not matter, as all functions are available from the remote control.

Denon AVR-1906 AV-receiver photo